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At Peak Franchise Law, we intensely focus on client satisfaction and value. Our significant experience in all areas of franchise law enables us to meet and exceed the needs of start-up franchisors, developing franchisors, and franchisors that have already created strong, recognized brands. Our franchise attorneys create franchise disclosure documents, prepare and submit state franchise registrations, assist franchise clients with franchise relationships, and provide business and trademark legal services that complement our franchise legal practice.


Our franchise attorneys provide most franchise legal services for reasonable fixed fees as opposed to hourly billings. This includes our valuable package for new, start-up franchisors. This package includes creating the franchise disclosure documents and franchise agreement; assisting with selecting and registering a federal trademark; creating a new franchisor business entity; preparing and filing needed state franchise registrations; and certain related services. Our clients appreciate the flexibility of our fee arrangements and the predictability of fixed fee projects.

Nationwide Services

Our clients often begin offering franchises in a target portion of the United States and then work toward expanding nationwide (and worldwide). Peak Franchise Law represents clients throughout the country and our franchise attorneys are knowledgeable about the Federal Franchise Disclosure Law that applies in all states. We are also well-educated and practiced in state franchise laws, including state franchise disclosure, franchise registration and franchise relationship laws (in the states that have such laws). In addition, we have the background to help franchisors expand internationally through master licensing or other arrangements. We work with local legal counsel in foreign jurisdictions as circumstances dictate.

Other Legal Matters

We provide legal support in other areas of the law as needed by our franchise clients. These areas include a broad range of services in business law (such as business entity formations, business sales and acquisitions, and business contracts) and intellectual property law (including selection and registration of trademarks and service marks, protection of copyrights and confidential information, and related matters).

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