Step 1

Franchise Feasibility

The first steps are: (1) to determine whether or not your business is ready to be franchised and (2) to ensure that franchising is more appropriate than other forms of…

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Step 2

Information Gathering & Decision Making

Federal franchise law regulates the offer and sale of franchises. Several states also have laws that regulate franchising, including the offer and sale of franchises. These laws require franchisors to…

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Step 3

Create New Business Entity

Your franchise company will own and operate the franchise system (which may include, for example, performing franchise sales, franchise training and franchise support activities). Your franchise company can, but usually…

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Step 4

Trademark Registration Application

Franchising involves licensing the right to use your trademarks and service marks to your franchisees. The value of your trademarks and service marks can become an important part of your…

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Step 5

Franchise Document Preparation and Review

Our significant objective is to work with you to prepare and finalize the initial version of your Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), including your Franchise Agreement and ancillary documents. However, we…

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Step 6

State Franchise Registrations

Registration of your franchise offering is not required under the Federal Franchise Law. However, the laws of several states require prior franchise registration before you may offer or sell franchises…

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Step 7

Franchise Sales Compliance Training

There are nine typical steps a franchisor should follow in the franchise disclosure and sale process under Federal Franchise Law (the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule). This is a basic…

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