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We focus on franchise development of successful business concepts. Our Houston franchise lawyer represents new and well-established franchisors in a variety of business industries. We create franchise documents, submit state franchise registrations, register trademarks, form new franchisor business entities, and provide related legal services.

Flat Fees

We provide reasonable flat fees for many legal services, including creating your franchise documents, registering your trademarks, forming LLCs and corporations, and other legal services. You will appreciate the predictability of our reasonable fixed fee arrangements.

Franchise Documents

Our franchise lawyer has created franchise documents for many franchise systems. We meet with you to gather information, make decisions and provide legal advice. Then, we create your Franchise Disclosure DocumentFranchise Agreement and related agreements and exhibits. You will enjoy our personal yet professional approach to helping develop your franchise system.

Nationwide and International Franchising

We have vast experience with nationwide franchise registration and exemption filings, as well as franchise disclosure and franchise relationship laws that exist in several states (in addition to the federal franchise disclosure laws). Additionally, we help franchisors expand into other countries through franchising and licensing. This is often done through a master license or master franchise program. We use independent legal counsel in foreign jurisdictions as appropriate.

Other Matters

In addition to franchise legal matters, our franchise lawyer provides general business and intellectual property services to our franchise clients. These services include federal and state trademark registrationsformation of limited liability companies and corporations; preparation and analysis of various types of business and commercial contracts; and related legal services. We also provide pre-litigation assistance with franchise-related disputes.

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