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Our San Antonio franchise lawyer represents franchisors by creating Franchise Disclosure Documents, including Franchise Agreements; preparing and filing federal trademark applications; preparing and filing state franchise registrations and exemptions; and providing legal advice regarding the ongoing franchise relationship.

Preparing Franchise Disclosure Documents

Our San Antonio franchise lawyer has significant experience drafting Franchise Disclosure Documents, which include disclosures required by federal and state laws and franchise-related agreements and exhibits. We consult with you to gather relevant information and provide advice regarding various options for structuring your franchise offerings and contractual provisions.

Trademark Filings

We can assist with applying to register your trademarks and service marks for your business names, logos and taglines with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Protecting your marks through federal registrations is an important part of franchising. We also provide assistance with preparing and filing state trademark registrations if necessary or desired.

State Franchise Registrations

Many states require prior franchise registration or exemption before you may offer franchises in such states. Our San Antonio franchise lawyer has significant experience preparing and submitting franchise registrations in all states that have such requirements. We are pleased to provide estimates for fees and information regarding the process and timing for state franchise registrations. We can also assist with franchising and licensing internationally.

Franchise Relationship

Once a franchisor is ready to offer and sell franchises, the franchisor needs ongoing legal assistance and advice regarding compliance with state and federal franchise disclosure and sales laws; creating ready-to-be-signed Franchise Agreements; and various aspects of the franchise relationship, including franchise sales by existing franchisees, franchise renewals, franchise terminations, and franchise-related disputes. Our San Antonio franchise lawyer will assist with these and other matters that you may confront as a franchisor.

We are also well-versed in other areas of the law that complement our franchise practice, including business, contract, and intellectual property matters.

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