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Peak Franchise Law provides legal services to enable businesses to expand through franchising. Our franchise development experience includes preparing legally required franchise documents; preparing and submitting state franchise registrations; and creating documentation for international franchising and licensing. Our Portland franchise lawyer also provides legal services to franchise clients in other areas of the law, including business law and trademark law.

Peak Franchise Law intensely focuses on client satisfaction by delivering high quality work in a responsive and accountable fashion.

Reasonable Flat Fees

Our clients appreciate our reasonable flat rates for a variety of franchise legal services, including initial franchise development for new franchisors. We provide flat fees for as many legal services as possible to help ensure predictability of services and fees.

Franchise Documents

Peak Franchise Law creates Franchise Disclosure DocumentsFranchise Agreements and ancillary agreements in compliance with relevant state and federal franchise laws. Throughout the document creation process, our Portland franchise lawyer works closely with franchise clients to gather information, make decisions and offer recommendations based on our experience. We also train clients on legal matters related to the offer and sale of franchises, the franchise relationship, and other important matters.

Nationwide and International Franchising

Several states require franchise registrations before franchisors may offer franchises in those states. We communicate regularly with state franchise administrators and have significant experience preparing and submitting state franchise registration applications. Our Portland franchise lawyer works diligently with clients and administrators to help applications progress to approvals. In addition, we help franchisors expand their business operations internationally through franchising and licensing arrangements.

Other Legal Matters

There are several other areas of law that complement our franchise legal practice. We have considerable experience in areas such as corporation and limited liability company formations; state and federal trademark registrations; business purchases and sales; resolution of franchise and business disputes; general contracts; and other legal matters.

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