Spokane Franchise Lawyer

We provide franchise legal services to start-up franchisors and established franchise systems. We provide a full slate of services, including those related to franchise document creation, state franchise registrations, trademark registrations, business entity formations and related legal services.

Reasonable Flat Fees

We offer reasonable flat fees for a variety of franchise and business legal services. Our clients appreciate the predictability of flat fee arrangements. We make significant effort to provide real value to our clients.

Creation of Franchise Documentation

Our Spokane franchise lawyer has significant experience creating all franchise legal documentation needed to set up a franchise system. This includes the Franchise Disclosure DocumentFranchise Agreement, State Law Addenda, and other Exhibits and ancillary agreements. We provide personal representation and tailored advice to meet the specific needs of your business.

Submission of State Franchise Registrations

We are well-versed in state franchise registration and exemption laws in all states that have such requirements. Our franchise lawyer prepares and submits state franchise applications, communicates with state franchise administrators, responds to administrators’ comments, and moves the process along through approval.

International Franchising

Our Spokane franchise lawyer helps businesses expand through international franchising. This often takes the form of regional master license programs. We involve independent legal counsel in foreign countries as needed.

Other Legal Matters

We provide a variety of other legal services for franchise clients, including forming business entities (such as LLCs and corporations); preparing and filing federal and state trademark registration applications; creating and negotiating business contracts; and assisting with resolving franchise-related legal disputes.

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