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We provide a comprehensive suite of transactional franchise legal services for franchisors. Our Scottsdale franchise lawyer creates and updates Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreements; prepares and files federal trademark registrations to protect franchisor’s brands; creates business entities and provides other business services for franchisors; prepares and submits state franchise registrations, renewals and amendments; provides legal advice and contractual work for franchise sales, transfers, renewals and terminations; and assists with international expansion of franchise systems.

Reasonable Fixed Fees

Our Scottsdale franchise lawyer offers reasonable fixed fees for a variety of legal services, including creation of initial Franchise Disclosure Documents and related agreements and exhibits, state franchise registrations, trademark filings, and other legal services. Feel free to contact us for a fixed fee proposal.

Franchising and Alternatives

We can help you determine if you are ready to franchise your business, and can provide advice regarding potential alternatives. We can help you understand the difference between franchising and non-franchise licensing, for example.

If you are ready to franchise, then we will apply our knowledge of franchise law to create tailored franchise documents that meet the needs of your business. We have worked with franchisors from a wide range of business industries.

State Franchise Registrations and Exemptions

While the State of Arizona does not require franchise registration in order to offer franchises in Arizona, many states in the U.S. do require registration or exemption. You will likely plan to expand to other states via franchising, and our Scottsdale franchise lawyer can help you obtain required state franchise registrations in states that so require. This may include, for example, states like California, Florida, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and several other states that require franchise registration or exemption in order to offer and sell franchises.

International Franchising and Licensing

We can help you offer franchises outside of the United States, including various provinces in neighboring Canada and other jurisdictions. We may work closely with local legal counsel in foreign jurisdictions as needed.

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Attorney Ryan Smith is licensed to practice law in certain states in the United States, but is not licensed in the State of Arizona. However, he represents franchise clients in Arizona in matters involving federal franchise law and the laws of other jurisdictions. This is consistent with a valid exception under Rule 5.5 of the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct.

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